After many months of internal debating, I am in fact doing the NOLS trip in the fall. I realize now how much I need this. I need to spend months on end in the back country. I need to get back in shape, stop smoking cigarettes, stop worrying too much.


Bob Dylan

I’m growing up so fast when it comes to employment. Our store is now the highest grossing planet sub in america. My boss is grooming me for a management position. Over the next few months he and I will be training all the GMs from the other stores. And my boss told me tonight that they are opening stores in Colorado in a few years and I’m on the list for managers at those locations. The end game is to have my own restaurant, but this is a great stepping stone. I’ll finally have the financial means to move to Colorado, and I’ll gain the experience and knowledge needed to run my own store. And with culinary school next year, nothing can stop me. I’ve got that ambition.

"I Want You (She's So Heavy)"
The Beatles
Abbey Road
(29813) plays

I am still trying to forget the smell
of fabric softener and sandalwood.

Frustration that I’m hiding from the one shelter I ever had.

I am still trying to forget the porch light through your window.

Confusion that the sounds of Exile made me feel closest to home.

I am still trying to forget yellow tail and american spirits.

Humbled that enjoying the passenger side was so easy with you.

I am still trying to forget.

Not because I want to, but because I had to.

06 Mar 14 at 1 am

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